Professional Biography

Jenna Burchell is an award winning South African artist whose work critically engages with the power inherent in the creation of an archive. She explores ephemeral landscapes of history, memory and experience; seeking out the smaller personal narratives that may be considered too peripheral to be documented and written into history. In the creation and exhibition of her works, Burchell collaborates with people, communities and place. Her work is extensively process based, weaving together elements of sound, anthropology, technology, science and art. Her process often cumulates in sculptural sound objects and interactive environments wherein the audience is present. Burchell’s way of fusing the digital and natural world has become her signature style.
Burchell (born 1985) has exhibited at various national and international galleries, museums and institutions. Her works have been featured as special projects at select art fairs including: The Art15 (London), and the FNB Joburg Art Fair (South Africa). She was the recipient of the Thami Mnyele Fine Art Award (2011) and has been a resident artist at sculpture parks such as the YSP and Nirox. Her traveling solo project titled Homing was featured on the main programme at the National Arts Festival, Makhanda (2014). Burchell has recently completed a series of permanent outdoor sound installations that form part of her international project titled Songsmith, resident at the Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa (2018).

Burchell is represented by Sulger-Buel Gallery in London

Commissions, Grants & Awards


2018 - Songsmith (The Great Karoo) commissioned by Spier Arts Trust for Spier Wine Farm, Stellenbosch, South Africa.


2015 - Songsmith (Bangor City), Soundlands Public Art Grant, Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom. 

2015 - The Geographers, Afrika Burn Art Grant, Tankwa, Karoo, South Africa.

2014 - Homing, National Arts Festival Main Programme Grant, Grahamstown, South Africa. 

2013 - Homing, Ithuba Arts Fund, Johannesburg, South Africa. 


2011 - Thambi Mnyele Fine Arts Award, Overall Winner.

2009 - Thambi Mnyele Fine Arts Award, Merit Award: New Media.

2006 - Coca Cola Bursary Award for Studies in Arts.

2005 - Golden Key Society Membership for Academic Excellence.

2003 - Johan Canon Art Trophy. 


Selected Exhibitions:

Permanent Installations: 

2018 - Songsmith (The Great Karoo), Spier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa. 

Solo Exhibitions: 

2016 - Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind), FNB Joburg Art Fair, Gallery Solo Project presented by Sulger-Buel Lovell, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

2014 - Homing, Lovell Conceptual, Woodstock, Capetown, South Africa

2014 - Homing, Rhodes School of Art Gallery, Grahamstown National Arts Festival (Main Programme), Grahamstown, South Africa.

2008 - Murmur. Silence. Touch, Gordart Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Special Projects: 

2017 - Songsmith (Yorkshire Sculpture Park), Yorkshire, United Kingdom. 

2015 - Homing, Special Project, Art15, London, United Kingdom

2015 - The Narrators, Special Project, FNB Joburg Art Fair, Johannesburg, South Africa

2015 - The Geographers, Afrika Burn, Tankwa, Karoo, South Africa 

2016 - Songsmith (Bangor City), Soundlands, Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom. 

2014 - Homing, Special Project, Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

2013 - Urban Wetlands, Lovell Conceptual, Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Group Exhibitions (Selected):

2018 - Sweep Landskip, Kino Kindo, Sandness, Norway. Curated by Roberto Eckholm.

2018 - EVE, Amar Gallery, London, UK. With Sonja Braas, Renee Cox, Guerrilla Girls, Mekhala Bahl and Anthony Gormley. 

2017 - 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, Sulger-Buel Lovell Booth, London, UK. 

2017 - Cape Town Art Fair, Sulger-Buel Lovell Booth C6, Capetown, South Africa. 

2016 - Hook Up, curated by Found Collective & Dead Bunny society, Ellis House, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

2016 - A Place In Time, curated by Helen Pheby. Winter Sculpture Fair, Nirox Sculpture Park, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. 

2015 - Altered Realities, curated by Johan Conradie. Association of Arts, Pretoria, South Africa. 

2014 - MAKE IT NEW, curated by Rayda Becker, Jos Thorne, Jane Solomon and Isabel Schneider. World Design Capital 2014 Policy Conference Exhibition, Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa.

2013 - Stay, curated by Lavendhri Arumugam. Ithuba Arts Gallery, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

2013 - Digi Re-Engineering, curated by K vd Walt, J de Rooster, J Lebeko and B Mknonza. UNISA art gallery, Pretoria, South Africa.
2013 - New Voices, curated by Ronel de Jager. Art Space, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2012 - Terra Firma, curated by Elfriede Dreyer. Fried Contemporary, Pretoria, South Africa.

2012 - A.R.T. show curated by Carol Brown. Travelling group show: Smithsonian, Washington DC; Michealis Galleries, Capetown, South Africa; Museum Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa; KZNSA art Gallery, Durban, South Africa.

2012 - The Hanging Gardens, curated by Paul Bayliss. KKNK arts festival, Outdshoorn, South Africa.

2012 - Designs, curated by Elfriede Dreyer. KKNK Arts Festival, Outdshoorn, South Africa.

2011 - Designs of Nature, curated by Elfriede Dreyer. Fried contemporary, Pretoria, South Africa. With; Rina Strutzer, Frikkie Ekstein and Christian Hattingh.

2011 - Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards, Coen Scholtz Recreation Center, Kempton Park, South Africa.

2010 - Absa Atilier Contemporary Fine Arts Awards, ABSA Towers, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2010 - Bodies in Transition, curated by Elfriede Dreyer. Fried Contemporary, Pretoria, South Africa.

2010 - Dystopia, curated by Elfriede Dreyer and Jacob Lebeko. Travelling group show: Oliewenhuis Museum, Bloemfontein (2010); Museum Africa, Johannesburg (2009); Unisa Art Gallery, Pretoria (2009).

2009 - The Point will be Defeated, Platform on 18th Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa.

2009 - Addict Lab 09, Design Square, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2009 - Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Award, Coen Scholtz Recreation Centre, Kempton Park, South Africa.

2009 - Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria, South Africa.

2008 – Fabrication, curated by Audrey Anderson. Magpie Gallery, Centurion, South Africa.

2008 – Bewilderness, duet show with Retha Furguson. Magpie Gallery, Centurion, South Africa.

2007 - i spy, SACTE building, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. In completion of Fine Arts Degree (Hons). 

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2017 - Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

2016 - Nirox Sculpture Park, Cradle of Humankind, Gauteng, South Africa.
2015 - Soundlands, Bangor City, Wales, United Kingdom. 
2014 - National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, South Africa.
2012 - Arteles Residency, Hämeenkyrö, Finland.