Cameos and Genotypes

Interactive installation
Collaboration with Tempest van Schaik
2000(w) x 1500(d) x 2000(h) mm
Found objects, typewriter, scrap metal, electronics, video

Cameos and Genotypes (C&G) was created in collaboration with Tempest van Schaik. It is an interactive installation exploring channels of communication or miscommunication. 

A projected cameo shape frames a typewriter. When an audience member types, shadows of the typewriter’s letters escape from its silhouette. The trinket-bound stilts supporting the typewriter are evidence of the legacy of an older generation. The shadow letters are in turn bound with items of significance that belong to Burchell’s mother and grandmother. An aesthetic and technological tension is created between what is old and new, found and created. 

The unpredictable outcome of interacting with the typewriter sculpts an unique shadow of a dialogue and memory. The fusion between the typewriter, audience and the shadowed narrative creates a dynamic cameo left for the audience to find.

Recipient of the Ekhureleni Multi Media Award 2009