Can You Tell

Performance art
bricks, found frame, acrylic
Performed by Tamith Hattingh
Sasol New Signatures finalist

Can You Tell is a performance that looks into how loosing a home can affect personal change. Painted in a crisp, white layer the performer begins to move. She squeezes through a small portrait frame while balancing on a pedestal of bricks typically used to build housing in South Africa. As she moves her painted shell cracks revealing each and every movement she makes in crusted lines. At the end of the performance an ‘ash-like’ evidence of the flaked paint rests on the floor, a record of the performance.

“This performance takes its reference from my experience of unexpectedly leaving my childhood home and how that affected personal change. The pedestal of bricks is indicative of the brick face of the house I affectionately remember. The bricks become a foundation for the performance, all-be it one that seems to be able to fall apart at any moment. They signify memories that are constantly under the risk of dissembling but are non the less the plinth from which we form our identities.” - JB 

- Sasol New Signatures Finalist 2010.